WiNGCordi O’Hara – Chair of WiNG

I am really delighted to take on the role of Chair of Women in National Grid. Although progress is being made to embrace more diversity in the industry and in National Grid itself, we still have work to do.

Cordi O'HaraI passionately believe that diversity and inclusion are essential to happy and productive work environments. But I also believe that it makes for good business and real shareholder value. When considering the issue of gender diversity and why it is important, I point to these key areas:

  1. Diversity of thought: Women bring different perspectives to the difficult issues facing today’s companies. It is widely believed that diversity of thought results in better decision making.
  2. Competitive advantage: A diverse workforce is better positioned to thrive in today’s global economy, where the pace of change is accelerating and complexity is increasing.
  3. Stakeholder representation: The makeup of our workforce should be representative of our shareholders, stakeholders and customers.
    Of course, by focusing on increasing gender diversity, this is not to the exclusion of others. In fact, it is all of us working together – men and women, from diverse backgrounds with different perspectives – that will truly make the difference.

I am really looking forward to working with the WiNG team and building on the good work that has already been delivered.

Networking lunch
Networking lunch after ‘informal panel discussion with Senior Leadership team members’ event.


To find out more, or to join WiNG and receive direct information and invitations to events, please email us. We constantly strive to improve and appreciate all feedback, suggestions for events and comments.


Stephanie Hazell – Executive Sponsor, WiNG

Stephanie Hazell – Executive Sponsor, WiNG

I am really excited to be taking on the executive sponsor role of WiNG.