oneONE’s Ambition is to strive to realise an inclusive and diverse culture in National Grid through representation across our ethnically diverse workforce.

Our strategy is to work effectively with all business areas to become a trusted and influential Employee Resource Group through successful delivery of our goals.

These goals are to:

  1. Identify and highlight barriers preventing employees from achieving their full potential and work with the business to drive positive change.
  2. Grow through raising the profile of ONE and its members.
  3. Create opportunities for members to be inspired, to develop and improve their skills and knowledge.
  4. Promote the awareness of ethnic diversity across the company.
  5. Support National Grid to become an employer of choice for ethnic minorities by influencing recruitment / progression / retention activities.
  6. Implement / support benchmarking exercises and KPI reporting in order to monitor performance and drive continuous improvement.

ONE is open to all employees – we welcome applications from all National Grid employees and have a diverse membership.

Joining ONE can have some great benefits for you:

  • Opportunities to network:  Meet colleagues from different parts of the business as well as our senior leaders.
  • Develop and learn new skills / gain knowledge:  Volunteering for ONE projects / initiatives could help you achieve your Personal Development Plan goals. Access to mentoring and other development opportunities are also important here.
  • Access practical guidance, support and raise your awareness of different cultures:  Learn more about your colleagues’ cultures and faiths through events and other material.
  • Learn about the importance of diversity in driving a high performance culture:  Diversity of thought, background, knowledge and experience drives business performance.